Single Sourdough

Single Sourdough

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Available: 3rd week of January, 

Please make sure to place your order before Jan 12th 2019, to be received your bread the following week.

Country Sourdough: Organic White Wheat, Organic Whole Emmer (Merrylynd Farms), Salt and Culture

A sourdough classic with a dark red crust and a custard-like crumb with a touch of Emmer, an ancient grain, to add some flavour.

Seeded Light Multigrain Sourdough: Organic White Wheat, Organic Whole Spelt (Merrylynd Farms), Organic Whole Rye (Merrylynd Farms), Salt and Culture, Sesame Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds

This bread has a light custard like crumb, with nutty, and slight cinnamon notes which carry through from the whole grains and is finished with extra toasted seeds on the crust. 

Hard Red Spring Wheat Sourdough: Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat (Merrylynd Farms), Salt, Culture

This bread has a soft custard-like crumb, with a wheat-y and nutty flavour, and a dark malty thin crust.